11 Surprising DIY Crafts And Hacks That You Can Try With A $2 Pool Noodle

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Pool noodles are so much more versatile than most people realize.

You might have used pool noodles in crafts and hacks before, like using them to make awesome wreaths for your front door, but did you know they can also help your kids or grandkids learn math and spelling?

I have to admit, I’d never thought of pretty much any of the genius ideas below. It turns out, their potential extends well beyond spending time swimming around!

Whether it’s helping you with a pesky problem around the house or creating an adorable decoration, the projects below share one very important factor: they’re super easy to complete.

Take a look and you might find yourself grabbing a whole cart full of pool noodles the next time you hit the store.

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Thumbnail Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Noodle

1. Cooler Float

drink float

Slice a couple of noodles and strap them to a cooler or a container filled with ice for a refreshing pool hack.

2. Sprinkler


Close up one end of the noodle by slicing off a section and stuffing bits of the noodle right back in, then seal it off with duct tape.

Add a few holes with a kebab skewer or whatever you have handy, then connect your garden hose. Your kids will have a blast!

3. Paintbrush Holder

paintbrush holder

Just chop a few notches into a trimmed-down noodle and secure it right onto your paint tray for this super-helpful hack.

4. Bathtub Cushion

bathtub cushion

This is perfect for tubs with sliding doors when bath time rolls around for little ones.

5. Lawn Chair Armrests

arm rest cover

Make your backyard furniture a bit more cozy by slicing a pool noodle into spirals you can easily wrap around the arms.

This is also good for covering sharp edges around the house to keep kids from accidentally hurting themselves.

6. Kids Obstacle Course

obstacle course

You can get as creative as you want with this amazing idea! The dad in this case bent noodles into arches for the kids to crawl under. He secured them with skewers in the ground.

He then taped together a few he made into circles for them to run through, and even added a ring-toss game in the middle with a few more circles.

7. Floating Faux Candle

floating candle

How cute and clever is this? You just have to slice five evenly matched sections from a noodle and glue them together before adding the fake candle to the middle.

Be sure to wrap the candle in plastic wrap to keep it from getting damaged by water.

8. Faucet Extender

faucet extender

It’s always so frustrating trying to fit big buckets under normal faucets, but this solves the problem perfectly!

9. Door Silencer

door silencer

Have kids who like to slam the doors? Or a pet you don’t want accidentally locking herself into a room?

Just add a small section of the noodle to the door to avoid both!

10. Math Visual Aid

math aid

This is such a creative way to help kiddos learn! Just make sure you’re getting the proportions right as you slice and label them.

11. Spelling Visual Aid

spelling aid

Another incredible learning tool kids will love — just write the alphabet onto sections of the noodle and string it up for a fun word-jumble game.

Are you going to try any of these DIY pool noodle hacks and crafts?

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