Woman Slides One Ponytail Through The Other For A Simple Yet Gorgeous Wedding Hairdo

by Anna Halkidis
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Aside from finding the perfect dress, having the right hairstyle is just as important for a woman on her wedding day.

I mean, who wants to walk down the aisle looking like they had a war with their blow dryer just minutes earlier?

However, getting your hair professionally done can be expensive — and with all those wedding costs, cutting back probably doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

If you can’t afford an expensive hairdresser, don’t fret. There are certain techniques that can be done right at home with an end result that are just as gorgeous when done right. Don’t believe it?

Just take a look at the woman who braids all her hair under her chin and then flips it over for a stunning look.

Australian hair expert Ulyana Aster shows us another method on her Instagram page that makes it just as simple to have a beautiful style on the big day.

All you need is some hair ties (and probably a little help if you can’t reach the back of your head easily) along with some flowers to place throughout the hairdo. Although she uses hair extensions in the clip, this probably won’t be necessary for women with long locks. (It’s also possible to braid short hair, too, with this tutorial.)

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