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Stray Dog Appears At Shelter With Tight Band Slicing Into His Throat So Workers Rush To Save Him

by Jess Butler
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DeKalb County Animal Services was the temporary home for many animals, but when a dog named Poncho entered their doors, he shook up the workers quite a bit.

The stray arrived with a black band wrapped tightly around his neck. Not only was the band too snug on the dog’s neck, but it was also cutting into him — deep. It had already sliced his trachea.

Poor Poncho was in desperate need of medical attention — and quite possibly, a miracle.

In the video below, posted on December 27, 2017, Lifeline Animal Project Public Relations Director Karen Hirsch explains, “This is the worst embedding collar band situation we’ve ever seen.”

Due to the severity of little Poncho’s injuries, it was clear that the stray had been stuck like this for months.

In the video, shelter Veterinarian Kathryn Haines says, “There’s no way these injuries would be possible on their own,” adding, “Someone had to wrap the cord around his neck so tightly to cause this.”

Fortunately, Poncho was able to have emergency surgery on the wound, which spread all the way down to his lungs. His injuries were fixed, and he was quickly placed on the road to recovery.

Now, Poncho still needs to heal a bit before he can find his forever home and never have to worry about being hurt again!

Check out how Poncho is doing today in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad this shelter did everything it could to save him!

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