Woman Disagrees When Simon Says Dogs Look Like Lions, But He Can’t Contain Smile Over Their Act

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

The Pompeyo family — George, Natalya, and little Katerina — went on America’s Got Talent with the goal of one day having their own show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Oh, and they also have a lot of dogs.

According to Natalya, the family has a whopping 18 dogs!

And all the pups were adopted from shelters, a fact the family takes great pride in.

But for the purpose of their audition, the Pompeyo family brought a troupe of six of their dogs.

Simon took one look at them and said “They look like little lions, don’t they?”

The audience laughed, and Natalya smiled before answering with a resounding, “No.”

The audience exploded into laughter again. Natalya probably wanted to stand up for her beloved pups!

Finally, it was time for the audition to begin, and right off the bat you could tell that everyone was in for a treat.

The dogs did handstands, jumped rope — one of them even walked on their front paws while their back legs kept moving in the air!

They jumped over chairs, and Jorge (the dad) Pompeyo balanced one of the dogs in the palm of his hand while she performed a handstand!

But arguably the cutest moment came towards the end, when one of the dogs got inside a toy car.

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