Squeeze Toothpaste Onto A Toothbrush And Rub On Tarnished Silver For Clever Polishing Hack

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Cleaning tarnished silver often seems next to impossible. Whether you’re trying to spruce up old silverware or polish silver jewelry, it’s always challenging.

It sometimes seems like the only way to get silver totally clean is to take it to a jeweler. But fret not, you can polish your silver with some everyday household products!

We tested out six household solutions to see what product polished tarnished silver the best.

  1. Boiling water, aluminum foil, baking soda, and sea salt: These substances are supposed to produce a chemical reaction that can remove silver tarnish.
  2. Ketchup: The acid in tomatoes is said to clean tarnished silver.
  3. Lemon-lime soda: The citric acid and carbonation in the soda can apparently remove tarnish.
  4. Glass cleaner: The ammonia in glass cleaner is said to clean silver without hurting the surface.
  5. White vinegar: Acid in vinegar should eat away at the rust and clean silver.
  6. Toothpaste: The chemical sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste can break up tarnish.

Have you ever tried something like toothpaste or ketchup to clean your silver items? It might sound silly to smear them all over your precious metal, but you’d be surprised how well some actually get the job done!

Watch the video below to find out what worked like a charm and made the silver shine again.

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