Cops Take ‘Cuddle Watch’ Shifts For Premature Baby Who Repeatedly ‘Died’ In His Parents Arms

by Grace Sisto
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Baby Axel was born at 29 weeks and had to undergo numerous surgeries and procedures in his first few weeks of life in order to survive.

“Axel has died in our arms multiple times,” his father, Adam Winch, said.

The premature baby was in the hospital for months after his birth, making it difficult for the family to divide their time between work and being at the hospital.

Those who are close to the Winch family knew how difficult it was for them to be away from their baby. That’s why their fellow officers at Chicago’s Aurora Police Department decided to volunteer to spend time with Axel in shifts when his parents couldn’t be there.

This way the baby would never be alone. They called it “cuddle watch.”

“I think it was a win-win for both Axel and the officers that came in here,” said Sgt. Mike Pitrusu, head of the police department’s employee support and wellness unit which also helped raise money for the family. “When you look down inside the heart and soul of a police officer, they’re there because of love. They showed the very best side of that here, every day.”

Axel eventually grew strong enough to be sent home with his family and now Sgt. Mike says his officers miss being on “cuddle watch.”

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Footage provided by KUSA Denver

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