Clerk Calls Cops To Arrest Teenage Robber, But The Officer Buys Him Groceries Instead

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Somewhere in your late teens and into your 20s, you probably encountered a rough financial patch in your life.

Maybe there were a few weeks, perhaps a few months when getting by on a low salary was a struggle. Maybe you also had to pay some bills, and couldn’t afford basic necessities like food and clothing.

For many of us, those times have come and gone, thankfully. For others, the struggle remains, and every year, young people are finding themselves in a financial hold.

One 19-year-old student in Green Bay, WI, was so desperate for food that he shoplifted two packages of crackers from a gas station store.

But he didn’t go home. He felt so guilty that he returned to the store to pay and apologize.

The store clerk called the cops anyway. Instead of running, the struggling teen stayed to get arrested. Officer Roman Trimberger answered the call.

The cop heard the teen’s story: He worked a part-time job, but only had a few dollars to his name. Trimberger then refused to arrest the teen, instead giving him a written warning. 

He even paid for his crackers!

The good-hearted cop didn’t stop there: He went back to the teen’s home, and in his hands was a bag full of groceries — all for him.

Trimberger’s actions have quickly gone viral, thanks to an anonymous post on social media.

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