Suspect Strangles Officer During Arrest, Then Police Dog Opens Up Gate To Stop The Attack

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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We always say dogs are man’s best friend, and that often really is the case.

The bond between human and dog is undeniably strong — but the bond between a police officer and their K-9 is sometimes even stronger.

Cops often have to see some of the scariest and saddest scenes life can throw at us. And if they have a K-9 companion, that dog is with them through all of it. Many times, these situations are a matter of life and death.

For a police officer in Adams County, Colorado, having his police dog with him during a life-and-death situation was, unexpectedly, the best thing that could have happened.

The officer was making an arrest when he and his dog, Lex, were suddenly separated by a fence.

The suspect began attacking the officer mid-arrest, punching, biting, and strangling him.

But Lex wasn’t about to let that happen — or let a fence get in the way of protecting his officer.

Lex opened up the gate with his paw, and was able to stop the attack before the officer was seriously hurt.

Without Lex’s help and quick thinking, this situation could have become tragic in a hurry. Most of us would be terrified of running toward a fight, but the bond between a K-9 and his handler was stronger than that fear.

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Thumbnail Photo: Pixabay / 27707

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