Tiny Heroic Police Dog Performs CPR On His Owner, Proving He Is, In Fact, The Best Boy

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Seriously, we don’t deserve dogs. Case in point: A Very Good Boy named Poncho has taken his talents far beyond fetching mail or playing dead on command.

Poncho, a police dog in Spain, is being trained to perform “CPR” on his human companions. The video of his latest practice session is unbelievably cute and definitive proof that he is not only a Good Boy, but possibly the Best Boy.

In the video, Poncho’s human partner simulates cardiac arrest by falling down on the ground. That prompts the dog to practice his skills and attempt to “resuscitate” him.

In other words, he pounces on his human’s chest with all his might.

Poncho is a total natural, and you can tell he cares about his work.

Officer Poncho tries his best to jump-start the policeman’s heart with his paws, and honestly? While he may not have the CPR technique down just yet, this performance is enough to melt our hearts, if not jump-start them.

“‘Heroic’ performance of our four-pawed companion, Poncho, who did not hesitate a moment in ‘saving the life’ of the agent, practicing CPR in a masterful way,” the police department captioned the video.

Give him all the treats.


A policeman with the Municipal Police of Madrid, Spain, partnered with Officer Poncho for the exercise. He pretended to suddenly go into cardiac arrest.

And he fell down limp on the ground.

But have no fear – Officer Poncho is here!

Poncho came running and immediately went into action.

He jumped as high as he could – you know, for life-saving purposes.

He even tried some cuddles for good measure.

Phew. Thank goodness for Poncho.

The policeman rewarded Poncho for his adorable efforts.

And Poncho was SO proud of himself.

The video quickly went viral, with over 47,000 views. Poncho has some new worldwide fans. He is the Best Boy.

They adore the special touches Officer Poncho has – like the blue siren on his back!

There’s no doubt about it – Poncho is the very definition of a Good Boy.

And honestly, we don’t deserve all this love and cuteness.

How can we train our dogs to do this trick?