Kind Police Protect A Mama Dove During Her Time Of Need

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

It was an ordinary day at the Parma Police Department in Ohio — until officers noticed something strange on one of the backup police cruisers in the station’s parking lot…

On the hood of the police car, snugged on top of the vent next to the windshield, police were shocked to see a very unexpected guest: a mourning dove!

But this wasn’t just any mourning dove. This was a mama mourning dove!

With some dried grass and leaves, this gentle little mother had fashioned a nest for herself — and inside lay two little eggs.

Luckily, many police officers take their duty of protecting those who need it beyond the bounds of just fellow humans, like the officer in Australia who stepped up to become a mom to an orphaned kangaroo joey.

Because sometimes, in this crowded and difficult word, it’s the wild animals that really need the most help.

So when the officers in Parma discovered their new tenant, they leapt into action. See what they did for this bird mom below!

[H/T: The Dodo]

Officers in Parma, OH, were shocked when they saw what was on the windshield of one of their spare cruisers.

They quickly got to action, taping off the backup cruiser so the scene couldn’t be disturbed.

What they found?

A plump little mama bird who had decided to take up residence right on the hood of the car!

She’d even brought her own building materials and immediately settled in — namely by laying two eggs.

The officers decided they were unable to move her. So what could they do?

Well, they made her feel a little more secure.

The hood of a car is a pretty exposed place to build a next, and so they provided her with a DIY awning, and made sure people kept away from the nest and the eggs.

And it looks like she was provided with some water or food in the blue cup, too. She seems to be enjoying her new digs!

Some people might wonder, why all this trouble for a bird?

Police spokesperson Kevin Riley explained it pretty well: “Our officers are human beings just like anyone else,” he said.

“We care for all lives human and animal, so the officers [made sure] this bird, which they nicknamed Gerty, is taken care of and can take care of her young in the cruiser.”

And they also want to stress that although one of their backups is occupied, Gerty’s presence is not at all having an impact on the police’s ability to do their jobs in Parma.

We hope to see more from Gerty and her human friends soon!

And it also seems that Parma loves their birds. This nest at local news station WKYC was greeted enthusiastically by the community, too!

Gerty’s story is a great example of how to handle something totally unexpected with kindness and grace.

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