Little Boy Who Thinks He’s A Police Officer Delivers Joy To Nursing Home Because ‘It’s His Duty’

by Nadine DeNinno
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Oliver Davis is not your average 5-year-old who idolizes cops. The little tyke loves riding his motorized bicycle, wearing a police officer uniform and pretending to be a cop, but the different between Oliver and other boys his age is that he actually thinks he is a police officer.

The kindergarten cop believes its his job to serve and protect his community in Kansas and takes pride in bringing joy to everyone he meets, according to his mother.

“We recently have been talking about how police are good and how they do good things for people and he said, ‘I want to do good things, too,’” his mom Brandi Davis told the local news station.

So Oliver decided that he wanted to deliver roses to senior citizens in his community and paid a visit to a nursing home to spread joy.

Wearing a badge, shades and a full uniform, his mom documented his service work at a local home in an adorable YouTube video. In the clip, all of the elderly folks think he’s cute and smile wide when he hands them each roses he handpicked and does tricks for them on his bike.

Even local police noticed Oliver’s good deeds! He got a letter from his local police station thanking him for all of his work but all he wanted to know if he was a “real official policeman” or not. Of course, his mother said yes.

“He thinks it’s his duty now to patrol our street and to radar and to do good things,” she added.

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