Dad Learns 5-Foot Plant Growing Wild In Neighborhood Can Kill Dogs And Warns Every Pet Parent

by Amy Paige
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Bobby was walking with his two dogs along his street in Richmond, Virginia, when he encountered a 5-foot flowery plant growing wild in his neighborhood.

His dogs would always try to sniff the plant and get closer to it, but for some reason Bobby was skeptical.

So the concerned dog owner took extra precaution by posting photos of the plant on Facebook to see if anyone could identify it.

Good thing he did, because Bobby learned the plant is incredibly dangerous. It’s called jimsonweed, also known as devil’s snare — and it’s one of the most highly toxic plants found in the eastern United States. It’s also a powerful hallucinogen and can produce intense visions.

“For months I’ve been wondering what was growing outside the garage,” Bobby wrote on Facebook. “It can be deadly and make you trip as well, so don’t let your dogs get a hold of it!”

According to Wag!, jimsonweed is a nightshade plant that can be found from New England to Florida and as far west as Texas. Dogs who have swallowed jimsonweed can exhibit dilated pupils, depression, dry mouth, and seizures. The plant can even be fatal, so it’s incredibly important to be aware.

In the clip below, WTVR speaks to a veterinarian who describes the most poisonous part of the plant.

Footage provided by WTVR Richmond 

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