Playhouse Makeovers Are The Latest Trend For Stylish Kids

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Everybody loves a good home makeover, right?

How else can you explain the booming popularity of home transformation shows, not to mention the enthusiasm for DIY house flips among those with a good eye for underpriced real estate?

After all, for us grown-ups, watching a disheveled gas station turn into a magnificent family home is basically catnip; it fulfills our desire to see beautiful results from a project that any of us could recreate at home with enough time. That is inherently pretty cool.

But we’ve noticed that the kiddos in our lives don’t have quite the same enthusiasm for dramatic home makeovers that we do.

That’s why we love the pint-size trend that takes the same concept, and recreates it for the under 10 set.

Currently the makeover can be found all over Pinterest and beyond, as crafty parents showcase the adorable “playhouse flip” they’ve made for their near and dear ones.

If you ask us, there’s definitely something to the trend. Every kid deserves to play pretend in a tiny house that looks like it just came off the pages of your favorite home-n-hearth magazine!

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Most of these playhouses start out as standard issue plastic playhouses.

You know the kind we’re talking about; you get it new for a $150 and put it in the backyard, where it slowly fills with spiders and lichen until the kids decide it’s too scary for playing in.

Fortunately, plenty of clever parents have found a way around that, snapping up these previously loved homes for nothing (or next to it) at garage sales or online.

Then, with a little hosing down and crafty know-how, they totally revamp them into playhouses every kid would dream of!

The same dusty, tired-looking house looks fresh as a new penny with just a few coats of paint!

With a crisp white for the siding, brown on the roof, and a warm red on the doors and shutters, the house goes from drab to fairy tale fab in no time at all.

We can imagine lots of little girls who would love playing Snow White in this perfectly color-coordinated abode.

Meanwhile, other parents just to go for a theme inspired by the real world.

For this house — painted a lovely leaf-green, with a berry-red door and white shutters — the palette was clearly lifted from the grown-up house, which you can just see in the background.

We imagine it was just an extra bonus that it looked so nice next to those cheery autumn pumpkins.

This little woodland cottage, meanwhile, looks like the perfect country retreat for a pint-size artiste.

Can’t you just picture a little one dragging their finger paints out here for some creative inspiration?

With rich brown walls, and pretty green details, plus a tiny flower garden, this looks like the perfect place for the muse to strike!

This washed-out and grimy-looking playhouse got a serious upgrade into a jewel-toned adventure land!

According to Pinterest, the current owner scooped it up online, and made it fresh and new again with a few colorful coats of Krylon paint and some coordinating potted plants!

Sometime, of course, there are minor variations to the look of the original house.

For example, this mother-daughter duo, from the blog Freckles, got started with a slightly more elaborate playhouse, with bay windows. It already looks pretty plush, right?

But a few subtle and stylish coats of paint transformed it into a sleek suburban house.

With the window box and the tiny mailbox, we almost thought this was a full-size house for a second.

In fact, it’s so pulled together, we half expect the little miss of the house to come out to greet guests with fresh-baked cookies!

Meanwhile, this funky little seven-sided house seems like the perfect place to kick back with friends, drink lemonade, and play pretend!

With a little lantern hanging inside and a window box outside, this is the perfect place to either hide away with a book or socialize.

We especially love the ornate trim around the door and the pretty contrast between the green outside and yellow inside! When can we move in?

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