27-Year-Old Man Spends $80,000 On Plastic Surgery To Transform Himself Into A ‘Space Elf’

by Olivia Jakiel
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You gotta hand it to him — this is one dedicated elf.

Fantasy fanatic Luis Padron has spent a whopping $80,000 on cosmetic surgeries and procedures over the years to look like a “space elf,” and he’s not even 30 yet.

“It’s my own view of beauty so I’m happy to look like that. I know I can sound crazy for some people, but I am a plastic surgery model, that’s what we do. It’s not different from people who covers their entire body with tattoos or get piercings all over,” the 27-year-old from Argentina explained. “Being a plastic surgery model means that doctors and hospitals offer you surgeries in exchange of advertising. I usually pick up the ones with best reviews, and only procedures that I really need.

I must be careful with that or I can end up in coma one day.”

The procedures Luis “needs” include two rhinoplasties, jowl liposuction, five (!!) eye color changes, elf ears, Botox, eternal youth anti-age lift, vampire hair implants, and much, much more. He’s even had the shape of his eyes changed.

Luis, who told Caters News he was always labeled an “outcast” in high school, also said he’s always found solace in the fantasy world. With the help of his surgeries, Luis is finally able to embrace the “otherworldly” looks he’s always been obsessed with. “I want to achieve my dream of being an elf-like creature, a fantasy being. I want my face to look like a work of fiction, such as elves, vampires, angels, or aliens,” Luis admitted.

He added, “I don’t mind looking grown-up, but I want to look like a fantasy and am happy looking exotic as that’s my own perception of beauty.”

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