Pregnant Mom Thinks She Had Miscarriage Before Doctor Sees Placenta Growing Outside Her Uterus

by Jess Butler
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Maya Fieweger loved motherhood. When she was expecting her third child, she was overjoyed. However, her joy soon turned to worry and fear once she began bleeding excessively.

At first, her mind went to the worst possible scenario — a miscarriage. But once she consulted her doctor, she learned that the situation was something entirely different.

In the video below, posted on November 23, 2017, Maya explains, “I had started having some significant bleeding, which obviously isn’t normal for a pregnancy.”

Then, her doctor checked her out, took scans, and came to a startling conclusion. Her placenta was lying very low, right over her cervix.

She was diagnosed with a condition called placenta percreta, where the placenta grows outside the uterine wall.

In the video, her doctor says: “Maya’s was one of the worst. Hers was invading outside of the uterus, and actually into the back of the bladder.”

Maya went in for a C-section, which had its own complications as well. Scarring from her other daughters’ C-sections could have caused her placenta percreta, making the situation even more shocking.

In the end, baby Grayson was born and Maya had a hysterectomy to safely remove the placenta. It was a long road to get there, but Maya is glad to have her miracle baby boy after all of her hardship!

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