Chilling Facebook Post Is Written On Pizza Box, Reveals Fate Of ‘The Missing’ In Hurricane Irma

by June Rivers
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The US Virgin Islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma’s wrath. From airports and docks to homes and vehicles, so much of these islands have been destroyed — and the concern is that many people are still missing in inaccessible areas.

But despite the horror that has recently unfolded, people are coming together in pretty incredible ways and using whatever means necessary (social media or otherwise) to provide hope to those who can’t connect with their loved ones.

St. John Roll Call is a website where users can search for names of loved ones who have been seen since the destruction. And in the past few days, a rather chilling Facebook post popped up, showing a list of names scribbled on a pizza box. This list signified the names of people seen alive on the islands, which has only added to the terrifying reality.

Outside of social media, many people are doing whatever they can to connect with worried strangers. According to CBS, Jonathan Mongie’s elderly father made it to the concrete basement of an apartment building — but Jonathan had no idea about his dad’s fate until he received a strange text. It was a random text from a New Jersey tourist with a simple yet powerful message: “Your Dad is ok. As soon as they can contact you they will.”

And with hurricane Jose not far behind in its path, the calls for help just keep coming.

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If you’re looking to help the victims of the recent hurricanes, consider donating to the Red Cross, or take a look at these eight ways you can lend a hand.

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