Mom Says People Stop Her To Ask About 11-Week-Old Daughter Who Was Born With Full Head Of Hair

by Jess Butler
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How much hair did you have on your head when you were a baby?

Odds are, this tiny 11-week-old probably has you beat!

Whenever Jennifer takes her daughter, Pixie, out on the town with her, strangers can’t help but notice the baby girl’s gorgeous head of auburn hair. It definitely sets her apart from the other infants.

Pixie was born with a full head of hair and her locks are unbelievably strong and thick. Pixie had all of this hair from birth and now, it just keeps growing.

In the video below, posted on September 26, 2017, Jennifer explains, “We’re always getting stopped by everyone. They’re just amazed at how much hair she’s got. We literally can’t walk anywhere with her.”

In fact, Jennifer didn’t know how stunning Pixie’s thick head of hair was until people started coming up to her family to comment on it and ask about her. Even the 11-month-old’s hair color is alluring. It’s just another factor Jennifer loves about her young daughter.

Although Pixie’s hair is lovely in itself, Jennifer thinks her baby girl is beautiful with or without it.

Have you ever seen a baby with this much hair, or is Pixie the queen of infant manes?

Check out little Pixie’s incredible head of hair in the video below, and please SHARE if you would stop Jennifer to ask about her daughter’s locks too!

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