Nervous Teen Goes To Cut Her Long Hair And Ends Up Chopping It Off For A Drastic Change

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

When you’re young and still discovering yourself, it can be tempting to experiment with different personal styles.

And when we meet the young woman in the video below, it’s clear that she’s ready for a change… but I didn’t expect it to be such a drastic one!

After years of maintaining her beautiful brown tresses, this daring teen was ready to “bare it all” by stepping out from the comfort of her super-long hair. Without any assistance or consultation from a professional hairdresser, she decided to give herself a new short hairstyle and share the transformation with the world.

Not only is she totally nervous to begin the process, but she looks totally different at the end.

She goes from super long and wavy to a super-short pixie cut with buzzed sides, complete with fresh makeup and bright hair dye. One YouTube commenter said: “At first I didn’t think it would look that good but OMG that’s so cute!”

It’s definitely a bold decision, especially since she was “winging it” the whole time… but the end result is daring and adorable.

“That was seriously empowering to watch,” another commenter wrote. “It’s her damned hair, she can cut it if she wants and however she wants. And even if you felt like you didn’t know what you where doing, it came out all right. I remind myself of that when I feel I chopped too much off, hair grows. Enjoy it while you’re young!”

Credit: Shelby Shake / Twitter / Snapchat

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