They Find An Exhausted Mother, But What’s Locked Inside The House Shocked Them All…

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

After hearing about an emaciated mother pit bull roaming the streets of New Orleans, the heroes of the Villalobos rescue team answered the call. When they located the pit bull, they realized she had either just had her puppies, or was currently nursing.

The second this starving, emaciated dog realized the team was there to help her, she ran over with her tail wagging. They immediately saw how kind, sweet, and ready to be loved she was — such a pity no one took the time to see it before, deeming her a “monster.

Once Mama was in safe hands, the team began the desperate search for her pups. Mama eagerly led them to a nearby house. The truth behind her situation is downright awful.

As it turned out, Mama had been locked out of the house with her beloved babies inside. In the meantime, this starving pit bull was forced to roam the streets looking for help, sacrificing her own health in the process. Thank God the team found her when they did.

When Villalobos finally reunites her with her babies, surrounded by safety, I couldn’t help but cry. Now this is love.

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