Hospital Patient Points To Automatic Door When She Sees 2 Pit Bulls Running Around The Entrance

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus in Easton, Pennsylvania, had two pit bulls come in on July 11. But they weren’t there for a checkup! They had gotten loose and made their way through the hospital’s automatic doors.

The pharmacy’s security cameras caught the dogs strolling into the facility, completely shocking patients and employees alike.

In the video below, a woman in the entryway points at the door where the pit bulls are running through, and then alerts other people around her.

The curious pit bulls make their way down halls and take a trip to the St. Luke’s pharmacy. Thankfully, they don’t knock anything over and just seem curious about everything they’re seeing. In the footage, you can see a pharmacist going about her job while the dogs are running on the right, where she can’t see them.

I couldn’t stop laughing when she finally sees the dogs, puts her paperwork down, and starts running! The dogs are lured in with water, which is when the staff is able to get them on makeshift leashes.

Posted on St. Luke’s Facebook page is a message about the event, along with the original video: “We are happy to report we were able to safely transport the dogs out of the hospital.” The pit bulls were transported to a shelter, where they waited for their owner to get them!

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Footage provided by St. Luke’s University Health Network

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