Pit Bull Rescued After Being Abandoned In A Repossessed Car

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Employees at Clinton County, Indiana’s Superior Auto used car dealership, are being credited for saving a life after repossessing a woman’s SUV.

The woman’s car was repossessed for late payment, but on the road, the employees who claimed her car heard strange noises behind them. When they pulled up into the car dealership, they found an awful sight in the trunk: inside a pet carrier was a pit bull mix, visibly mistreated and malnourished. The poor pup was standing in his own waste, and clearly living under terrible conditions.

Animal control came to claim the dog, but his owner insists that she never mistreated him.

She apparently kept him in the crate for the 16 hours she was at work, and says that the dog was taken away from her before a family member could take him.

But the Humane Society is now taking care of the pit bull, renamed “Repo.” He’s being treated for parasites and scrapes. And in the organization’s care, he’s thriving! He was very happy to see his rescuers, who recognize that they claimed the car at the right time. In the bitter cold, Repo could have suffered even more from his master’s neglect. Once better, he will be put up for adoption. But he may not be available for long — an employee at the car dealership already has an eye on him!

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Warning: Some viewers may find images in the video disturbing. 

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