Owner Walks Into Room, Then Is Taken Aback When He Notices His Pit Bull Nursing 2 Kittens

by Olivia Jakiel
Olivia Jakiel is an experienced editor and writer residing in the magical and enchanting land of North Hollywood, CA. She enjoys baking, cooking, and long walks to the wine cellar with her dog, and also consumes rotisserie chicken at an extremely alarming rate. Bylines on HelloGiggles, MSN, Yahoo, Obsev, and more.

Imagine this: You’re minding your own business in your very own home, going about your day as you please, when you go to check on your pit bull, thinking she’s just lying around, taking a long snooze in the other room, while dreaming about playing fetch and eating bacon.

However, when you finally get to your pup, that’s not what’s happening at all.

For David Holt, this bit of flash fiction turned into reality when he unexpectedly found his 2-year-old dog, Roxy, nursing his two kittens, Morticia and Gomez. Earlier last year, David, who lives in Millsboro, Delaware, filmed the bizarre incident in January after he found his four-legged furry friends in a surprisingly compromising position.

Can anyone explain how my 2-year-old virgin pit bull puppy is nursing my 9-month-old cat?” David wrote on his social media page, pleading for answers from his fellow cat and dog owners, searching the high and low ends of the internet for any leads on the situation.

Even though David said that the phenomenon was “the strangest thing” he’s ever seen, I have to say that it seems like its working out for the best for Morticia, Gomez, and Roxy. Let this be a lesson to everyone that sometimes, three isn’t a crowd. Sometimes, three is just right.

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