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Pit Bull Mix Paralyzed By Runaway Train Totally Surprises Vets When He Walks Again 1 Week Later

by Kat Manos
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On January 21 in St. Clair County, Michigan, a train conductor saw a dog running on the tracks ahead of his train.

The conductor tried to stop the train and even honked loudly to get the dog’s attention so he would get out of the way.

But the conductor did so to no avail; the train struck the white pit bull mix.

A Good Samaritan eventually found the dog, who was miraculously still alive, and dropped him off at Wilson Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Keith Burge, a veterinarian, and Andrea Plutter, the manager of the vet hospital, couldn’t believe what had happened to the dog, whom they named Emmett.

“We [were] not sure he was going to survive that initial period,” Dr. Burge explains in the video below. “[…] But those first 24 hours were certainly very nerve-racking.”

Emmett was paralyzed and couldn’t walk. He had a broken jaw, multiple skull fractures, and ruptured discs in his neck.

“A third of dogs that get what he has will never walk again,” the doctor says.

Yet, after that first week, Emmett began to make a massive recovery. He was able to walk and seemed in high spirits.

He might not be able to run super fast or walk up stairs by himself, but Emmett has made a miraculous recovery and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

Emmett’s original owners may have abandoned him, but the Sparky Fund animal rescue is hopeful that someone will adopt the miracle pup soon.

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Footage and photos provided by WXYZ Detroit; Flickr / Justin Foulger

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