Gas Station Employee Reunites Pit Bull With Owner After Dog Was Ejected From Car Mid-Crash

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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A car crash is scary enough on its own, but it’s even more terrifying when it separates you from someone you love.

For Tom Deters, the terrifying experience of getting into a massive car crash on the highway was nothing compared to the fear he felt when he realized his beloved dog Zen was missing.

A car next to Tom’s blew a tire on the highway, which sent it veering into Tom’s SUV. Tom’s car started rolling, eventually crashing into the highway median. Tom said: “I knew I was fine, it just didn’t matter, because I was like, ‘Zen’s gone!'”

Zen, Tom’s 1-year-old pit bull mix, was ejected from the car during the accident.

Tom was desperate to find Zen. He searched the streets of his neighborhood and went to a local animal shelter, but no one had seen the pup.

Without any other options, Tom turned to social media. He posted pictures of Zen online in Facebook groups for lost pets, begging for help. The groups spread the word that Zen was missing — and provided some emotional support for Tom.

Soon enough, Tom got a call from someone at a gas station who said he had Zen. Tom rushed over, hoping to find his pup waiting.

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