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Stranger Snaps Photo Of Pit Bull Abandoned At Dark Cemetery And Teaches Cruel Owner A Lesson

by Amy Paige
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On a cold January night, a passerby noticed something very strange outside the gates of the Sunrise Memorial Cemetery in Vallejo, California.

Upon closer inspection, the individual realized a black-and-white pit bull was tied up to the fence, abandoned there, all alone in the dark.

It was clear the dog had been left there on purpose; he was tied to the gate with a short piece of electrical cord with no collar or leash, and no food or water. Whoever did this left no slack for the dog to lie down or even move.

The passerby was horrified by the discovery, then took one simple action that ultimately saved the pit bull from his uncertain fate.

This person snapped a photo of the poor, sad animal and shared it on Facebook, along with a caption pinpointing the location of the cemetery.

A couple of Good Samaritans who lived in the area saw the Facebook post and hurried to the Sunrise Memorial Cemetery to free the dog. With four dogs of their own, they knew they couldn’t keep him — but they still took him home for the night, fed him, and gave him a safe place to sleep. The following morning, they brought him to the Humane Society of the North Bay.

Staff members discovered the pit bull was only 3 years old, and it wasn’t long before he had a fitting new name: Cosmos. “It was actually more of a cosmic coming-together of the community, because somebody was good enough to post [the photo] to the internet, and two other people were good enough to actually act on it, and then they brought him to us,” a volunteer said.

In the video below, see Cosmos’ fate once he was finally freed from the cemetery.

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