Pirate Asks ‘Do You Want To Meet Your Captain?’ But Daughter Gasps When She Recognizes Her Dad

by Mauricio Castillo
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The Williams children — 11-year-old Mariah and 3-year-old Xavier — accompanied their mom to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure show in Buena Park, California, and what a show it turned out to be!

The family, or more specifically, the kids, had no idea the surprise that was in store for them!

In the video below, the kids and their mom were asked to come up on stage (which is in the form of a pirate ship) to be a part of the show.

As they enjoyed the festivities and the theatrics, their backs were turned to the stairs behind them the entire time, completely unaware of what was going on backstage.

In fact, the kids’ dad, Marine Sergeant A.J. Williams, who had returned from a deployment to Syria, was preparing to surprise Mariah and Xavier at the show!

The Sergeant hadn’t seen his family in seven months.

So, with their backs turned, the kids didn’t see when Sergeant Williams, dressed in pirate gear, came down the steps to surprise them.

“Do you want to meet your captain?” the pirate host asked them. “Turn around!”

Just wait until you see the kids’ reaction when they turn around and Sergeant Williams takes off his hat.

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