Court Documents Reveal ‘Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond’s Teen Daughter Was Recently Arrested

by Angela Andaloro

One of the endless perks of celebrity is the ability to take care of uncomfortable situations. Of course, the truth always comes to light.

Recently released court documents have revealed that Paige Drummond, daughter of Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond, was arrested for public intoxication in April. The 19-year-old was found in possession of an open container of beer, which she unlawfully obtained, as she is under the legal drinking age. The incident occurred in the family’s home state of Oklahoma.

Ree Drummond has always been proud of her family. She and husband Ladd have been married since 1996.

They share four children⁠ — daughters Alex, 21, and Paige, 19, and sons Bryce, 16, and Todd, 15. Ree’s been celebrating Alex’s graduation from Texas A&M University, which happened just three weeks after Paige’s run-in with the law. Ree’s family first came into the spotlight due to her popular blog, The Pioneer Woman, in 2006. In 2011, she scored her own show on the Food Network by the same name.

Lately, Ree Drummond’s family has been basking in the joy of her oldest child’s accomplishments. Recently, daughter Alex Drummond graduated from Texas A&M University.

The news comes after a more difficult time for the family that took place just a few weeks ago. It involves Ree’s second oldest, Paige.

Recent court documents obtained by E! News have revealed that the 19-year-old was arrested in April. She was charged with possession of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 and public intoxication.

The incident took place in Oklahoma, where the family lives. Documents show that Paige was charged and briefly jailed.

Court documents claim that Paige “did appear in a drunken condition” when interacting with police. According to the documents, the crime is punishable by up to one year in jail and $500 in fines.

The documents noted that she “did unlawfully possess and consume a non-intoxicating beverage, containing more than one-half of one percent of alcohol measured by weight, in a public place.” That is punishable by an additional month in jail, $100 in fines, or both.

It appears Paige submitted a request to the district attorney for arrest and court records to be expunged. The request for both counts to be removed from her record was approved in May.

The documents also note that Paige has paid over $400 in court fees thus far. The family has yet to comment on the matter.

Fans of the family have been more critical. Ree often jokes about what a strict parent she is, even saying that she won’t use the term “boyfriend” to refer to her daughters’ significant others.

As a result, some were quick to point out this hiccup in their squeaky-clean reputation. One commenter wrote, “NOT PAAAAAIGE….how could this happen….beer is the devil’s work… Hollywood destroys families!!!”

Others understand how this kind of thing can happen. Teenage drinking isn’t exactly uncommon, as one commenter pointed out: “Pipe down about Paige …who Didnt drink in there teenage years Geezzz …#Girlsjustwannahavefun 🍺😉🎶.”

Paige just completed her freshman year at the University of Arkansas. She’s a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

Paige isn’t the only Drummond kid who has experimented with booze, though. Sister Alex posted a video chugging beers last November, which has since been deleted. She was already 21 at the time of the video, though.

Many teens have some experiences with booze before turning 21, so we hope Paige learns from her experience. With three years of college ahead of her, she’ll need to be more thoughtful about her decisions to stay out of trouble.