Mom-To-Be Pitches Gender Reveal Baseball To Boyfriend, But Both Shriek When It Explodes Pink

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

My favorite part of gender reveal videos isn’t the moment when the viewer finds out whether the baby being born is a girl or a boy; it isn’t even being shocked or surprised or impressed by the unique way the actual reveal is performed.

My favorite part is watching the parents-to-be’s reactions. Seeing their ecstatic expressions and showcases of pure happiness make it all worth it.

In the video below, the couple decided to use a baseball for the reveal, but their reactions are what make this video priceless.

As seen in the clip, the mom- and dad-to-be, Will and Steph, are in a backyard with their family.

Steph is in a white dress holding the baseball. After taking a practice swing on a regular ball, Will is ready for the special pitch.

The people in the video are mostly speaking in Spanish, but occasionally yell out, “boy!” or “girl!” as their guess for what the baby will be.

Most of them believe it will be a boy. After measuring up her pitch, Steph throws the baseball.

Will takes a mighty swing at it, and the baseball completely explodes after contact.

Those guessing it would be a boy were wrong! The ball explodes into a cloud of pink powder, and soon everyone explodes into cheers!

What makes the video all worth it is Will’s reaction at learning that he will have a little girl.

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