Doctor Gives 2 Men CPR Just 90 Minutes Apart When They Both Collapse At Ping-Pong Tournament

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

In a shocking case of coincidence, two men suffered heart attacks at a Ping-Pong tournament in Irvine, California, within an hour and a half of each other.

According to KTLA, the startling event began when one of the players at the tournament collapsed.

Tony Kovacs was also playing in the tournament and rushed to help. Tony, a former physician from Australia, performed CPR on the man.

Someone else called 911. Paramedics arrived and used a defibrillator to revive the man and take him to the hospital.

But it wasn’t over yet!

Tony noticed another man collapsing just 90 minutes later. Like history repeating itself, he rushed over to perform CPR while another player again called 911.

To everyone’s surprise, the same 911 dispatcher answered the call and the same two paramedics from the first go-round came back! They used the same defibrillator to revive the second man and then take him to the hospital.

“The chances of two in a row within an hour and a half, it just doesn’t happen,” Tony said.

The two paramedics told KTLA that they were both astounded by the fact that not only did two men have heart attacks within 90 minutes of each other, but that they both survived. In fact, they were so astounded that they suggested they play the lottery!

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Footage and photos provided by KTLA Los Angeles

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