89-Year-Old Ping-Pong Champion Credits Sport For Keeping Alzheimer’s And Arthritis At Bay

by Olivia Jakiel
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If this 89-year-old great-grandmother of four isn’t an absolute inspiration to you, then you should probably reevaluate what it is you find inspiring.

Pam Butcher, aka the most hardcore table tennis player on this planet, has been playing the great sport since she was in her 20s. Up until recently, she was the reigning world champ for the over-85s category in table tennis, but she hopes to get her title back soon.

Pam credits ping-pong for keeping her mind sharp and her body active. She told Caters News“I’ve always liked knocking a ball about. I love the social side. When I play abroad I meet lots of friends, it’s a very cheap sport to play, and it’s good exercise. It keeps me mentally alert as well as active. Age is no barrier; it’s just a number.”

Inspiring words from a CHAMPION!

“It makes me move a lot and to bend and stretch, it definitely helps my concentration, and has almost certainly kept Alzheimer’s and dementia from the door,” she continued. “My joints and bones are great, I don’t move as well as I did, but I move well enough to enjoy a game and beat players half my age.”

Pam says the sport has taken her all over the world, too. “Table tennis has let me see the parts world which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise,” she said. “It’s taken me to Canada, America, Japan, China and Brazil.”

You can check out Pam’s incredible table tennis skills below.

Way to go, Pam!

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