Alejandra Ramos Spices Up Your Summer Barbecue With Pineapple Salsa And Watermelon Mojitos

by Kim Wong-Shing

On LittleThings’ Facebook Live show Slice, we solve kitchen dilemmas from viewers far and wide. Recently, we answered one viewer’s request for ideas about how to spice up a summer barbecue beyond the typical grilled burgers and hot dogs.

We turned to food and lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos, a professional foodie and spice enthusiast, to solve this problem. And she came up with the perfect summery solution: pineapple salsa with watermelon mojitos!

“I love to add a little spice to everything, basically,” Alejandra confessed. Alejandra runs the award-winning food blog Always Order Dessert, where she most recently showed readers how to make yellow squash soup — spiced, of course. According to her official website, the blogger’s recipes and expert advice have appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Oprah Magazine.

On this episode, Alejandra shows us two recipes that will amp up any late-summer barbecue.

First, she demonstrates how to make a delish spicy pineapple salsa. She uses just a few ingredients, including ripe pineapple, red onion, tomato, jalapeño, and cilantro.

Then she serves it up in the shell of a pineapple — and somehow makes that presentation look totally easy! (Hint: It involves an ice cream scoop.)

Next, Alejandra mixes up some fresh watermelon mojitos to wash the salsa down. Don’t miss her three crucial tricks for getting the perfectly sweet, minty cocktail!

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