Former ‘James Bond’ Pierce Brosnan Is A Silver Fox Now, And He’s So Pulling Off The Look

by Angela Andaloro

Pierce Brosnan may be aging, but he looks as good as ever before.

The 65-year old actor, known as one of the greatest to ever fill James Bond’s snazzy shoes, has recently been spotted out and about rocking a more mature, natural look.

It seems the actor is letting the grays fly. In fact, his hair and beard feature more silver than ever before.

Pierce was seen hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal at the Pioneer Works Village Fete in New York. He’s been known to dye his hair to preserve his dark and handsome look, but now he’s embracing his silver fox status in a big way.

Pierce has been spending a lot of time in New York, where he’s currently filming a thriller titled False Positive. It’s unclear if his look is related to the role, but whatever has him embracing his natural look is certainly working for fans of the actor.

Since his days as 007, Pierce Brosnan has been a respected and admired actor. If you ask his fans, they’ll tell you he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too.

Pierce moved from his native Ireland to London to pursue a career in art. That all changed once he saw Bonnie and Clyde, according to the actor’s sit-down with The Rake last summer: “Once I saw Bonnie and Clyde, that was it, I wanted to be up on the silver screen.”

Pierce went on to train at the Drama Centre London for three years. He worked his way up the acting ladder until he landed his role as Remington Steele.

The series concluded in 1987. Pierce went on to do a few films throughout the late ’80s and early ’90s, including his supporting role in Mrs. Doubtfire.

An introduction by his first wife, Cassandra Harris, led to the role of a lifetime: Pierce began playing James Bond in 1994, picking up where Roger Moore left off.

Pierce went on to portray the iconic character in four films. He played 007 in GoldenEyeTomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day.

Pierce spoke about the changes to the role from his time as Bond to today in his interview with The Rake.

He explained, “There had to be humor, I felt. It is different now. They had strong competition and they haven’t reinvented it but given it a much more muscular, dynamic twist.”

The scenarios surrounding James Bond require a suspension of belief that humor helps achieve, as Pierce explained.

He said, “When I played him you have to let the audience in that this is a fantastic joke – this man, jumping off a motorcycle and catching up to a plane, is completely preposterous. But for me, you had to let them in.”

For Pierce, it was built into the character in a way it isn’t today: “That’s what I was brought up with. Sean [Connery] did it, Roger [Moore] did it par excellence.”

These days, Pierce continues to enjoy a very busy and successful career. He’s currently filming a thriller called False Positive in New York City.

pierce brosnan

Pierce was spotted out and about recently. The actor, who was hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal, looked a bit different than what we’re used to.

In recent years, Pierce has been known to dye his hair and beard. Now the 65-year-old actor seems to be ditching the dye entirely.

The silver fox look suits the distinguished actor quite well. It’s unclear if the look is related to his current role. But it certainly works for him either way!

Fans of the actor definitely feel like he’s getting better with age. That means the best of Pierce is yet to come!