What Your Favorite Pie Reveals About Your Personality

by Angel Chang
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It’s wrong to say that tastes and preferences dictate who you are as a person.

But they definitely do say a lot about what you like to have in your life, and that’s why they can identify elements of your personality.

One thing does unite all of us, however: food. You know what you like to eat, and you know what you don’t like. Take pie, for example. Everyone has a favorite kind. The American Pie Council tallied all our favorites, and revealed that apple pie was the national favorite (at an impressive 19 percent).

But pies come in all shapes and sizes, in all colors, flavors, and textures. Just like people, they are each unique in their own ways, and reflect distinct characters.

Take a look at the pies featured below, and pick the one that you’re the most drawn to, or that you most enjoy savoring, and see what key attributes are associated with it.

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Pick your favorite type of pie, then keep scrolling down.

favorite type of pies personality test
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Once you’ve chosen your favorite kind of pie, remember your number and scroll to discover what it says about your personality.

1. Pumpkin Pie

Favorite type of pie personality

Pumpkin pie isn’t reserved only for Thanksgiving — and if you’ve chosen this as your favorite pie, you would know. At a 13 percent “approval rate,” pumpkin is currently America’s second favorite kind of pie, after apple pie,

Very few festivity foods have deeper American roots than the pumpkin. It was one of the earliest “import” foods that the Europeans brought back from the New World. While the orange squash quickly became a big part of England’s pie-making culture, it was also beloved by our country’s first colonists, and has remained a staple ever since then.

You are most likely an emotionally stable and consistent person. Just as the pumpkin pie is classic, you too are effortlessly elegant. You dislike drama and unwarranted chaos. To you, having a peace of mind and living in a calm environment is very important. In addition, you are immensely reliable, and everyone around you knows it.

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2. Lemon Chess Pie

Favorite kind of pie personality test

In Classic Home Desserts, a book featuring heirloom dessert recipes written by Richard Sax, the classic chess pie has southern roots. It has also been called the “pantry pie,” because it’s made of everyday ingredients. It’s also a pie that easily adjusts to whatever ingredients you have on hand — hence, the many variations, from orange to cherry-flavored fillings.

If you love lemon chess pie, then you truly enjoy all the flavors of the south. You certainly have a sweet tooth, and have an affinity for comfort food. At your core, you are welcoming, understanding, and accepting — especially to strangers or outsiders. You are truly someone who understands the meaning of great southern hospitality.

Sometimes, you do have a quirky, whimsical side. Next time you feel like following something off the beaten path (whether it’s taking up a class or activity, or crafting something new), don’t be scared to do it differently!

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