Picky Eater Frustrates Mom Until She Tricks Him With Pizza Boxes She Bought Online

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Toddlers usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to food: They’ll try everything or they’ll try nothing at all.

Some kids are excited by every food, but others are picky and hate trying new things.

If you’ve ever tried to feed a picky eater, you know exactly what it’s like. You try pretending the spoon is an airplane, you beg, you plead, and you even try to bribe them to eat. But nothing works.

This is what Terri Munro used to go through on a daily basis. Terri’s son George definitely falls into the second category: He’s a very picky eater.

After trying time and time again to convince her son to eat, Terri came up with a brilliant plan.

She bought some pizza boxes online, made a pizza at home, and tricked her son into thinking it was takeout.

Little George didn’t think twice before digging in, so Terri knew her idea was successful.

She shared her story on the Facebook page the Motherload, where other parents were blown away.

Photos: Terri Munro

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terri george
Terri Munro

Terri’s 22-month-old son George is a very picky eater.

He refuses to eat a lot of the food that his mom gives him, so Terri decided to try something a little different.

Terri Munro

Instead of using her normal tricks to get George to eat, she bought some pizza boxes online to convince him he was getting takeout.

Her idea worked — George gobbled down his pizza!

ebay pizza boxes

“He thinks he’s got a takeaway! (pizza boxes bought on eBay),” Terri wrote on Facebook page the Motherload.

“It was such a success I may have to put his milk in a coke bottle now!”


She later explained to the Motherload how she’d come up with the clever idea:

George has seen his auntie eating ‘pizza in a box’ and got excited!

So I thought a healthier and cheaper way would be to buy or make the pizza and stick it in a pizza box and it works a treat!

french fries

We plan on using carrot sticks in the fries box, making healthier food fun to eat.

At the end of the day, getting George to eat sometimes is hard work, so anything we can try that makes that process easier is worth a try!

child eating

Other parents were blown away by the brilliant hack, and many commented that they couldn’t wait to try it with their own kids!

One mom wrote: “Omg my daughter would love this. Definitely need to look for these. Absolute genius.”

“I can’t believe I’ve been a mother for nearly 10 years and not thought of this,” another mom said. “The pizza box idea is just genius.”

A third parent wrote: “Why have I never thought of this before?! You deserve a gold star!!”

pizza slice

Of course, other parents joked that they wished someone would do this for them!

“I might try this with my husband,” one mom wrote.

toddler high chair

Sometimes, being convinced that something is takeout is enough to make it taste better!

Do you know anyone who would love this parenting trick?

george terri
Terri Munro

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