They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!

by Todd Briscoe
Todd is a LittleThings editor. He grew up in Texas and has lived in New York since 2003. He doesn't own a Boston terrier, but he will one day soon.

Personally, I’m not the type of person to believe in a storefront psychic who charges $5 to read my palm.

Even when I see a medium on television, I’m a little skeptical of their true abilities.

However, this test that has been going viral online gave us such accurate predictions, I just had to share it. If you enjoyed the test where picking your favorite door helps predict your future, then you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.

They say that picking the shade of color you are most allured by gives you deeper insight into your psyche and natural instincts.

Thus, this test can help predict how you’re going to behave. (I’ll admit that mine was eerily true.)

Take a look at all the colors in the gradient below and go with your gut — which one draws you in the most? Once you decide, keep reading through the pages until you find the color you have chosen.

Was your prediction accurate? Let us know in the comments!

We’ve heard many people say that theirs was eerily on point. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s true, so please SHARE and compare with friends to see how accurate theirs is.

Photos courtesy: Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

Go ahead and pick your favorite shade of color, then scroll down.

Go ahead and pick your favorite shade of color, then scroll down.
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

Have it picked out? Keep reading until you come to your color.