Mom Says Daughter Appears ‘Normal’ Although She Is Really Struggling With Rare Eating Disorder

by Emerald Pellot
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Jade Noakes has had PICA her entire life. At first, she may seem like an ordinary girl, but her mother, Nicole Noakes, describes the secret pain and anxiety the girl carries with her.

Jade’s condition is an eating disorder that causes her to eat inedible objects and substances.

“Jade does look like a normal 13-year-old girl having fun with her dance friends at a dance competition,” Nicole told Caters News. “What they don’t see is, in the dressing room, her putting bobby pins in her mouth… her constant anxiety.”

Jade has been hospitalized numerous times — from alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer, and from lead poisoning after eating 13 pencils. Nicole adds that doctors diagnosed Jade when she was 4 years old.

“It has escalated over the years, to the point where it is now dangerous,” the mother said. “She will eat anything.”

Nicole adds that, to her, the solution is simple: a service dog. But it would cost the family $17,000.

“Jade was introduced to a service dog a few weeks ago, who will help her with her PICA. He would be able to sense when she was going to eat something and stop her with his paw and mouth,” Nicole said.

Jade says she isn’t aware of her behavior when she is doing it, so the dog gives her the freedom to just be a kid.

“I do think, ‘Why me?’ I think that if we get the dog it will mean that, in a few years, we are having my birthday party instead of my funeral,” Jade concluded.

If you would like to support Jade’s GoFundMe to raise money for a service dog, you can donate here.

Photo: Caters News

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