Cute Cockatiel Sings A Beautiful Song While His Owner Plays Piano

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

When I was a teenager, I desperately wanted a pet of my own and not one I shared with the rest of my family.

After a short-lived but well-loved fish came and went, I decided to look to the skies rather than the sea for my next little friend. I headed to the pet store, brought home a delightful cockatoo, and immediately tried to train it to whistle a tune. Figuring the theme song to The Monkees was easy enough, I would spend hours in my room whistling the ditty to the little guy, but he never really quite got the hint.

However, I have a feeling the handsome fella in the clip below would have no problem picking up any song he set his heart on.

Sitting on his owner’s keyboard, the grey cockatiel starts the song off with his unbelievably crisp whistle.

His name is Poko and the medley comes from the Japanese animated classic, My Neighbor Totoro. Though he technically isn’t “singing,” it’s hard not to be impressed by the feathered cutie’s ability to replicate the tune so perfectly with such a smooth, gorgeous tone.

I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything like this from a bird, let alone any other animal! The notes Poko can hit make him seem more like a living flute rather than an avian critter. Maybe his humans should consider taking this act to the judges over on The Voice. I know I’d turn my chair for him!

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