67 Years Ago, He Gave His Fiancee A Parachute From The War. What She Made With It? INCREDIBLE!

by Emerald Pellot
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It was 67 years ago, but it felt like yesterday for Phyllis and James, who have been married since.

When James Hill, an airman, was on leave from his home base during World War II when he went to visit his fiancee Phyllis.

He asked her if she wanted a parachute as a souvenir and she accepted.

Their story reminds me of another World War II couple, Bill Moore and his beloved Bernadean, to whom he wrote love letters while on the front lines.

It’s easy to see how symbolic the gesture was. We know it’s parachutes that save the lives of our airmen, especially during times of war.

Phyllis took the parachute and did something truly incredible with it.

“I said, ‘do you want a parachute?’ And she says, ‘yeah,’ ” James said. 

“He gave me the parachute,” Phyllis said. “And it was my decision what to do with it.”

“She took that parachute and tore it all apart,” he said.

In fact, what she did was so magnificent that museums like the Smithsonian are asking the couple to donate it.

However, Phyllis has told them that the precious transformed parachute is going to remain a family heirloom.

See the beautiful creation she made out of the parachute below.

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66 YEARS IN LOVE: James, who was in the Air Force, took leave from home base and went to see his fiancé Phyllis. He brought a gift along with him - a parachute. James went back to base and didn't see the parachute again until Phyllis walked down the aisle. -->

Posted by WSLS 10 on Thursday, April 30, 2015