Husband Has No Idea This Photo Shoot Has An Ulterior Motive, Until They Show Him The Portrait

by Nicole Cannizzaro
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When Ingrid and Wayne recently went on a date, they discussed their hopes for the next few years. One of Wayne’s responses was to have a baby.

Little did he know, that hope would become a reality much sooner than a few years down the line.

Ingrid found out she was pregnant and was overjoyed, as you can tell in the video below. But she wanted to make sure that telling her man was something special.

So she came up with an elaborate plan to completely shock him and get all his reactions on tape.

She decided to set up a photo shoot, which he thought was for Christmas, with the three of them. And by the three of them, I mean the happy couple and their cute pooch.

But he was in the dark about the fact that it was actually four of them now.

One of the last photos involved a portrait that included the couple, their dog, and a newborn in their arms. And as they held it forward for the camera, Ingrid finally decided to mention the baby conversation and flip the portrait around to show him.

His reaction is priceless, and this video — although a bit long — is absolutely precious and worth the watch to the very end.

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Video Credit: Nate Puhr

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