Photographer Worries No One Will Show Up To Shoot When 3 Babies With Feeding Tubes Arrive

by Amy Paige
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Anna Stacy Poteet, a photographer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, never really thought much about the idea that when it comes to feeding one’s baby, “breast is best,” as they say.

But then the artist and mom became passionate about infant feeding issues when her 4-month-old son began experiencing troubling eating and gaining weight. For months she watched her son struggle without getting proper nutrition. That’s when her doctor suggested they try a feeding tube.

Babies may be tube-fed for all sorts of reasons: picky eaters, food allergies, acid reflux, improper swallowing, vomiting, etc.

Anna came up with an idea for a new type of baby photo shoot — one that would help spread awareness about the various ways infants can be fed beyond breastfeeding.

Anna took to Facebook to see if there were any local moms who’d be interested and willing in participating in the unconventional shoot.

On the night before the big shoot, Anna started getting nervous and asked each mom if they were still planning on taking part. She assumed no one would actually show up.

But lo and behold, three excited and grateful moms arrived — all of whom have babies who eat their meals through GI feeding tubes.

The result, as you’ll see, was a stunning photo shoot that helped spread awareness about their “fed is best” lifestyles.

Anna’s beautiful images went viral, shared tens of thousands of times by supportive parents across the country.

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