Woman In Troubled Relationship Poses In Photo And Sees Spooky Sign Telling Her To Dump Boyfriend

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. She loves viral videos, her poodle mix Cali, and doing the robot.

Carla Underwood was unsure about whether she wanted to walk away from her relationship of six years. It became strained and troubled, but she had no idea if moving on was the best decision.

One evening, Carla went to a cocktail bar with her mom and stepdad. As they conversed, the 34-year-old caseworker found herself begging the universe for a sign. Should she stay in the relationship or walk away?

Just for fun, she tried on her stepdad’s black hat and posed for a quick photo. At the time the photo was taken, she admitted she was feeling lost and confused.

Later that day, Carla looked at the image and noticed something very strange. Though she was sure no one was standing behind her when the photo was taken, there was a woman’s face directly over her left shoulder, peering in through the window. Carla’s brother realized the face looked eerily similar to their grandmother, Irene Wilkins.

Grandma Irene died in 1982.

Carla was absolutely stunned; she knew she’d asked the universe for some kind of sign, but she wasn’t expecting anything ghostly like this!

She felt as if her late grandmother was trying to deliver a message from beyond the grave, appearing at exactly the right moment to encourage her to break up with her boyfriend.

Check out the photo below, and see if Carla ended up ditching her beau.

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