New Study Shows The Majority Of Americans Avoid Answering Their Phone

by Morgan Greenwald
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If you’ve ever ignored a call from a loved one, then you’re not alone.

In the age of the internet, more and more phone users are switching over from traditional phone calls to more convenient methods of communication like text messages and online apps.

As technology makes it easier to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues, landlines and traditional means of communication are being left behind for modern means of messaging, especially among the millennial generation.

According to a study conducted by Jive Communications, the average American ignores 337 calls a year, including calls from coworkers and their own mother. Of the 2,000 Americans surveyed, 61 percent regularly avoid answering the phone, and 22 percent will even ignore a call from a partner or supervisor.

Unsurprisingly, landlines have also become a thing of the past. Only 55 percent of people surveyed still own a landline, and 34 percent of those with a landline say it’s almost impossible to reach them on it. For the most part, most landline owners only keep a home phone around in case of an emergency or just because they previously had one, which explains why only 10% of landline owners knew their number by heart.

For the most part, people have switched over to using online-based applications and mobile phones as means of communication, even in the professional realm. The study results show that 25% of the calls millennials make at home are made online, and 10% of people even use social media platforms to make work-related calls.

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Thumbnail Photo: Pixabay / JESHOOTS

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