Man Who Saved A Baby Abandoned In A Phone Booth Reunites With Her 22 Years Later

by Grace Eire
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On April 30, 1994, one mother made a very hard choice: she left her baby girl in a phone booth in London just two hours after birth.

The frightened mom had called the authorities while at the location, begging them to come as soon as possible before leaving her daughter, Kiran Sheikh, all alone. She then fled the scene after the call, but the authorities never came.

A man named Joe Campbell, however, did. He immediately knew he had to do something.

After getting the baby to the hospital, Campbell asked if it would be possible to adopt the little girl. He felt an instant connection to her as soon as he set eyes on her, and he knew he had saved the baby’s life.

Yet, the answer was no. He asked if he could send her gifts, and the request was denied. He also asked if he could at least check up on how she was doing over the years. The answer? No again.

Twenty-two years later, Sheikh took a closer look at her adoption records, and knew that she had to find this special man. As far as the two of them are concerned, they’re family…

Kiran Sheikh’s mother wrapped her up just moments after her birth and tried to leave her in the hands of who she thought was a local charity.

When the charity never showed up, Joe Campbell did.

He immediately felt a connection to this abandoned little one, and made sure that he got her to the hospital in hopes she’d be all right. She was so tiny and helpless.

He wished to raise her, but authorities wouldn’t allow it since he was a 30-year-old single man at the time.

He sent her gifts and cards for a few years before social services demanded that he stop. His heart was utterly broken.

But when Sheikh finally found out who the man who saved her really was? This was the greatest day of Campbell’s life.

See the full story heartwarming story in the video below!

Campbell, now 52, says that the special day was the best of his life.

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