Abused Mom Leaves Baby In Phone Booth For Social Worker To Find But A Stranger Gets There First

by Amy Paige
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Kiran Sheikh was abandoned by her mother when she was just two hours old. The mother, who already had six children, allegedly left the baby because she was trapped in an abusive and violent marriage.

Kiran’s mother wrapped her up and left her in a phone booth in East London. She called a local charity and told them to come pick up the newborn, then fled. But before help arrived, a stranger named Joe Campbell went to use the phone booth. At first, he thought Kiran was a discarded bag of chips and was annoyed that whoever used the booth last threw their trash on the ground.

But Joe quickly discovered the baby girl bundled up making gurgling sounds.

He scooped Kiran up; he was the second person to cradle her after her mother. Joe then called the police and had Kiran taken to the hospital.

Over the next seven years, Joe tried to stay in touch with the child by taking cards, gifts and money to social services. At one point, he even asked if he could adopt her, but was turned away since he wasn’t married. Social workers eventually asked him to stop reaching out, as Kiran had already been adopted by another family.

It wasn’t until Kiran was 8 years old that she learned she was adopted. However, the agency never mentioned anything to her about the man who found her in the phone booth!

When Kiran turned 18, she received her files from social services. That’s when she noticed a mention about the mysterious “Good Samaritan.” She was absolutely shocked that she was only learning about him now — but she had no idea where Joe was and had little information about him.

In August 2016, Kiran took to social media to help track Joe down. Then, 22 years after she was born, a miracle occurred.

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