Woman Is About To Take Her Prescription When Pharmacist Sees Her Doctor’s Big Mistake

by June Rivers
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When you think of the term “hometown hero,” there’s a good chance you’re envisioning someone who works a police officer, firefighter, or teacher.

But this is the story of a woman from Raytown, Missouri, who decided to pay it forward to an unlikely type of hometown hero: her local pharmacist.

Marilynne Caldwell says her pharmacist at Hy-Vee supermarket saved her life by keeping her from taking the wrong medication — prescribed to her by her doctor.

Marilynne’s CDC doctor prescribed her a year’s worth of strong antibiotics, which could have been incredibly dangerous. But when she went to fill it, her eagle-eyed pharmacist noticed the error.

As a way of showing her gratitude, Marilynne nominated him for Fox 4’s Pay-It-Forward Award.

In the video below, the unsuspecting hometown hero receives a cash reward he never saw coming.

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