PetSmart Is Selling Itty-Bitty Halloween Costumes So Guinea Pigs Can Dress Up, Too

by Angela Andaloro

October is here, and that means the countdown to Halloween has officially begun! Halloween can be a lot of fun for families as they explore different costume possibilities and decorate for the occasion.

Many families even get their pets in on the holiday fun. When it comes to buying costumes for your pets, it’s been pretty limited to costumes for cats and dogs. PetSmart has decided to expand its pet line for Halloween, adding costumes for guinea pigs to the mix. Because why not?

Now, some guinea pigs are not strangers to dressing up for Halloween. Some very crafty owners have custom-made their pet costumes for years. For the less creatively inclined of us, PetSmart is offering nine different costume options for the little critters.

Of course, the costumes match today’s trends, so your kids can theoretically match their pets’ costumes to their own. The costumes range from $3.99 to $6.99 and are available in stores and online.

halloween costumes

Some people love Christmastime. Others live for Thanksgiving. For a growing amount of families around the country, Halloween has become the holiday of choice. It’s fun to take on a new personality, if only for a day.

pet halloween costume

Dressing up can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Some families go all in on Halloween, getting the family pets in on the fun. Halloween costumes for pets can be seriously adorable, but the selection is pretty narrow.

Costumes that are available for purchase are usually reserved for dogs and cats. We love our four-legged friends dearly, but they aren’t the only pets a family might have. That’s where PetSmart has stepped in to close the gap.

pet halloween costume

This year, PetSmart has announced a collection of Halloween costumes for guinea pigs! These beloved pets are common among many families. Finally, they get their chance to shine in costumes made just for them!

Dressing up a guinea pig for Halloween isn’t completely new (at least for some pet parents). For years, crafty owners have been making their own creative costumes for their rodents when no commercial costumes were available. Now these guinea pigs have options.

guinea halloween costume

Not only are PetSmart’s guinea pig costumes adorable, they’re also super trendy. That means that you can incorporate your guinea pig into your family’s group costume ideas with some careful planning!

guinea pigs shark halloween costumes

PetSmart is offering nine different costumes for guinea pigs, made to make it super easy to get them in and out of the costume. Not only can your guinea pig join in on the fun, but he can switch up his look throughout the day.

guinea pigs pineapple costume

The available costumes for guinea pigs are mermaid, shark, pineapple, pumpkin, superhero, unicorn, bumblebee, sombrero, and witch. The options are pretty classic, but they also play into the trends you’ll be seeing a lot of this year.

guinea pigs pumpkin costume

The collection of nine costumes are available both in-store and online. They range from $3.99 to $6.99, which makes it easy to get a few (or all of them) and see which one your guinea pig likes the most.

guinea pigs superhero costume

The options also allow you to discover your guinea pig’s level of comfort with being dressed up. Some of the little critters might not like the full-body costumes so much, which is where the cape and hat options come in.

guinea pigs unicorn costume

It seems like the PetSmart collection has something for every pet’s personality. Is your guinea pig outgoing? How about shy? Bold and brave or just happy to be there? No matter what, there’s an option that your pet will look super cute in.

guinea pigs bumblebee costume

Pet parents should definitely check out the directions and be responsible when dressing up their guinea pigs. They aren’t meant to wear the costumes for too long, and they should be monitored in case the costume makes them uncomfortable or they have a bad reaction to being restricted.

guinea pigs sombrero costume

We can’t wait to see all the wholesome photo shoots guinea pigs will undoubtedly rock this Halloween as they show off these awesome costumes. They’re bringing something new and exciting to the holiday, and it’s simply awesome.

It’s important to note that PetSmart has guinea pigs modeling the costumes, but the outfits don’t have to be limited to guinea pigs. The costumes are marketed for all small pets, which reasonably means you can get hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, and more in on the Halloween fun.