More Than 30 Pets Left Behind During Hurricane Maria Reunite With Their Families 6 Months Later

by Mauricio Castillo
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Thanks to a partnership between two organizations, families have been reunited with their pets nearly six months after Hurricane Maria.

According to FOX7 Austin, the storm that struck Puerto Rico in September 2017 separated several family members, including non-humans.

Many residents were forced to leave their homes, their families, and their beloved pets behind. It’s painful enough to imagine having to leave your home to escape a destructive force of nature. Saying goodbye to a loved one only makes the already heartbreaking situation worse.

These residents were forced to flee without knowing if they’d ever see their favorite animals ever again.

It’s definitely a sobering thought, but a reality many people lived through.

Thankfully, after so many months, more than 30 pets finally joined their families again.

The Austin Humane Society in Texas partnered with Puerto Rico Animal Unite to help fly the pets from the island to Austin.

Frances Jonon, the Austin Humane Society’s President and CEO, orchestrated the event.

“In many cases one of the family members stayed behind to care for [the pets]. So husbands and wives and children have been separated from each other while one stayed behind to care for their pets,” Frances told FOX7. “So this has been more than reuniting pets: It’s reuniting families.”

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Photo: FOX7 Austin

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