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Terrified Puppy Abandoned By Mom Cowers In Corner. 1 Month Later He’s Unrecognizable

by Jess Butler
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Stray dogs usually suffer from all sorts of problems, including starvation, worms, and exposure to the elements.

Little Petri was dealing with an issue much larger than any physical ailment: loneliness.

Petri was born on a mountaintop in Athens, Greece. He continued living there, taking things day by day in order to survive.

One day, he was spotted on the mountain looking as ill as a puppy could be. He was nearly bald, his pink skin clinging onto whatever sparse patches of fur he had left. When Petri was found by SPAZ (Society for the Protection of Stray Animals), it was discovered that he was suffering from mange, ehrilichia, and malnutrition.

He was taken to receive medical attention, something that must have been extremely difficult for the young 3-month-old. Petri had never experienced human contact before, so all of the sudden attention was probably quite overwhelming for the frail dog.

Although he was being shown a lot of love, a foreign concept to him, he still remained frightened by his surroundings.  It was important not to overstep boundaries or make Petri feel pushed during his recovery.

Luckily, Petri’s life began to turn around after a month in his rehabilitation center.

He was taken to a foster home, where he slowly learned how to be social with other dogs, as well as humans. With a fresh, full coat of fur and a new lease on life, little Petri was no longer the dog cowering in fear in the corner.

Once he was ready, he took his first steps outside, ready to explore everything the world had to offer. The best news of all? It didn’t take long for the small, newly social puppy to get adopted.

Check out Petri’s jaw-dropping transformation in the video posted on November 1, 2016, below!

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