Salvation Army Gets Call From Artist, Then He Tells Them They Can Have His House

by Jess Butler
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Peter Mikulak’s story of success is unlike any other. He went through hard times, dealt with the unknown, and gave away his possessions all on purpose — just so he could pursue his dreams.

In the video below, posted on April 1, 2015, Peter explains, “Every so often, I would have dreams of me actually painting and I’d wake up and it would feel so real that I would still have the feelings and the emotions of the dream.”

Peter notes that his passion for art always sat on the back burner during his career as a general contractor in New Haven, Connecticut — until he began to struggle. Then art became a method of survival.

“When the market started to change, those same companies that I was working for for over a decade defaulting in their payments and things were getting really rough,” he says.

“One morning I just woke up and I just decided if I was going to struggle, I was going to struggle doing something I love.”

Peter called the Salvation Army and told them they could have his house and all the belongings inside. The newly inspired man left with $500 in his pocket and hopped on a train to Palm Springs, California. He ended up homeless and without a plan or backup.

“A couple of years ago on Thanksgiving, my neighbors didn’t have anything to eat. So it motivated me to go do a portrait of Marilyn [Monroe] to meet that need of my neighbors and it turned into a day job,” Peter recalls.

On the side of the road, he sells over 700 portraits of Marilyn Monroe — but that is only the beginning.

To see Peter’s incredible portraits and where he is today, check out the video below. Please SHARE his story if his bold decision inspires you!

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