Young Couple Refuses Office Jobs, Then Transforms Simple White Van Into Tiny Mobile Home

by Jess Butler
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Pete Thuli and his girlfriend, Taylor Bucher, have always had adventurous spirits.

Pete tells LittleThings: “After coming home from traveling through Southeast Asia, we realized how much of our own country we had never seen. We knew that committing ourselves to an office job straight out of college wouldn’t make us happy, so we started brainstorming ways we could travel for an extended amount of time. Once we came across the ‘van life’ community, we were instantly hooked! Living and traveling out of something we built with our own hands, what’s better than that?”

Pete and Taylor, along with their trusty American Staffordshire terrier Snoop, took their white van and transformed it into the home of their dreams. Four months and $5,000 later, the venturesome couple started traveling near and far, living out of their exceptional mobile home.

So far, Pete, Taylor, and Snoop have driven over 7,000 miles in their Dodge Sprinter mobile home in pursuit of the ultimate nomadic lifestyle and all the fulfilling experiences that come with it.

They are known as @alwaystheroad on Instagram, where they constantly share their masterpiece of a mobile home and their equally-as-amazing adventures on the road.

See what their home looks like below!

Thumbnail Image Source: Instagram / alwaystheroad

The outside of the mobile home.

Peter and Taylor’s vehicle looked like an ordinary van before they got to work and transformed it into a mobile home built for adventures.

Pete and Taylor get started on their mobile home construction.

They couldn’t wait to get their walls installed. It was one of the first steps in their mobile home construction. With each passing day, the couple got closer and closer to finishing their dream home. It’s clear that Pete, Taylor, and Snoop had loads of fun throughout the process. In an Instagram post, Pete said that “there’s never a dull moment while converting a van.”

The mobile home is furnished!

After had parts like wall construction, flooring, and electrical wiring were out of the way, it was time to decorate their new mobile home.

It looks so gorgeous, you almost forget it started out as a simple white van!

The inside of the mobile home.

They splashed their new place with loads of color and homey touches that really pulled everything together. Although the space is small, it’s perfect for the traveling trio.

When asked about their lifestyle, they said: “The best way we can think of putting it is life is simple. Because of our limited space and resources, we only travel with the objects we need, eat food that we’ve cooked ourselves, and use alternative energy sources to live sustainably.”

Snoop loves his cozy new mobile home so much that the couple point out he’s “refusing to leave his bench.” After taking a look inside, we don’t blame him.

Now that the couple has moved in, they can't keep away and do everything in there.

Their mobile home has become a multifunctional space. It operates as a source of transportation, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and even an airy office for those especially beautiful days on the road.

Pete explains: “This lifestyle also forces us to spend our time intentionally, rather than filling empty spaces in our day with TV and other modern day distractions. We never feel too confined in our tiny home, but if we do, we just open the back doors and step into our ‘backyard,’ wherever that might be on that particular day.”

Pete and Taylor are off on some adventures in their new mobile home!

Pete, Taylor, and Snoop plan to document their lifestyle on their Instagram account, @alwaystheroad, and their blog, Make sure to follow and subscribe to check out all of their breathtaking experiences, and please SHARE their impressive transformation if you wish you could do the same with your own vehicle!

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